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Soccer Club Homework

NorCal’s objective for each PDP player is to assist and help them to train on his-her own (home, at the park, or before team training). This page will provide a library of video & explanation for each exercise. By watching how  the pro-club players train, the PDP player has a model to copy and learn from.

If you (PDP player) want to reach your highest level of soccer potential, it is VITAL, that you train extra time in addition to your team training. Every day you should try to train 20 minutes (at least). If you do it, that will add up to a lot of hours in one year. Just do it!

Enjoy it and good luck!!

Paolo Bonomo

PDP Technical Director


NorCal have teamed up with the App based program TopYA, giving our PDP players free access to a ‘NorCal PDP’ skill path.  Our coaches will be monitoring the leaderboard and offering prizes to the players that are most active on the skills path. See below for our PDP leaderboards.

Anyone not in the PDP program who wishes to get access to the various challenges can download the ‘TopYa! Soccer’ App for free and purchase the PDP Skill Paths. Enter the NorCal Premier code 2776.

NorCal PDP Homework


Library of exercises (Video & Coach’s tips for each exercise)




Below is the link for Spring registration. It has been verified with Sports Engine, please use a desktop/laptop version.
Spring 2018 House Registration

https://lancasterdepewsoccer.sportngin.com/regi…/…/958116487 .

At the bottom of the page is the area to sign in to your Sports Engine account or create one. Please follow the registration process from there. If you have any technical questions specific to Sports Engine, feel free to reach them at (888) 379-1035

-please consider volunteering to coach your child's team. LDSC offers assistance with skills from trainers, and a free registration for (1) one child per household for those that coach.
-prices for registration will be as follows...
opening until 11:59pm on 3/22 ($65/per player)
3/23 until 11:59pm on 4/6 ($75/per player)
4/7 until 11:59pm on 4/21 ($80/per player)
-all players need to be signed up with a sports engine account. I will not be able to accept any registrations with out an account set up first.
-tentative dates for the Spring session are...
training day April 28, 2018
session starts May 5, 2018
no games Memorial Day weekend
double header weekend June 2-3, 2018
last game June 23, 2018
-keep in mind teams/coaches and game times are all finalized in the two weeks before the session starts.
If you have any questions during the session please contact myself,
Tammie Schaefer 440-4512, 601-7573/tnt05@roadrunner.com
Trisha Triplet 684-5150
Thank you!

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